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Are All Replica Bags The Same?

Are all replicas the same? I know you were all wondering about this and it was about time we clarified this very important matter. Well, just like all original bags are made differently, with different designs, distinct materials, and various sizes and functionality so are replica purses. If you test thousands of manufacturers, you will not find two alike. I know, I know, these are supposed to be clones, but each manufacturer uses its own fabrication process, specific materials and certain design patters.

Authentic and Replica Bags

This is a hard difference to spot between these 2 bags since the canvas quality is on point for the replica, but a bad knockoff will have a plastic-y feel to the canvas material. The canvas refers to the monogrammed brown material used for the body of the bag.

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Basket Bag

The extremely covetable Hermes bag, but it is another one of the style icon's totes of choice that is making

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Fake Designer Bags

A designer handbag has a special type of power. Not only can it instantly update every piece in your closet

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Fake Markets

These are copycat items, but it is not clear from whose runway they are stolen. Skater skirts and hot pants in every color

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Burberry Replica Handbag

For designer handbag fanatics, one of the premier creators of luxury handbags is the established British company Burberry. The brand is famous for their fine clothing and accessories and has been making luxury leather and coated canvas handbags for decades. While new versions of these handbags are popular for many purse connoisseurs, those looking for a timeless addition to their handbag collection may be interested in vintage Burberry handbags. Some of the brand's most iconic handbags came out years ago but are still available through the right sellers to anyone who is interested in having their own vintage Burberry handbag.

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Hobo Bags

The handbag essentially makes or breaks your look for the day – a shimmery clutch with a black dress for your Saturday night out, an oversized handbag for your shopping date and a hobo bag to add the oomph!

While you are ready to make a statement with your handbag, it is also essential to understand which statement bag suits you the best. We give you 10 in which you can style this fun piece of accessory with panache.

Monochrome is a trend that can never go out of style. Blacks and whites are perfect to make your hobo look classy as well.

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Fendi Bag Game

The fashion industry has evolved considerably over the years, however, there are some iconic designs

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Luxury purse

It's fair to call Cassandra Connors the Imelda Marcos of luxury purses.It's fair to call Cassandra Connors.

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Buying Guide

I have noticed a fair amount of improvements in the quality of the Celine Nano since the last time

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